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Common Slate Roofing Leaks:

  • A slate roof with slate tiles can last for years without much maintenance but, occasionally, individual tiles may deteriorate with age or they may be damaged by falling debris from a nearby tree.
  • Tiles can also work loose and fall out when buffeted by high winds. Tiles that are not exposed to the sun may grow moss.
  • Poor workmanship from the lack of attention to fracturing when the new slate is installed. Its is best to have each piece knee tested to insure no shale lines and or cracks are present before final installation
  • Sealant reliant hips and ridges maybe constantly in need of maintenance. It is wise to use copper angled flashing to cover the hips prior to installation of the hips and ridge slate roof pieces.
  • All too often slate roofs are mistakenly replaced when, in fact, they could have been effectively repaired. Deciding whether a slate roof should be repaired or replaced can be difficult and each slate roof must be judged separately. During our site visit we will evaluate your current slate roof, provide photographs and the necessary information for you to fully understand the condition of your slate roof and our proposed slate repair or slate replacement work scope.  
  • We offer old style techniques when it comes to the slate repairs we provide. Using the wire hanger versus the unsightly strip. We also prefer to pull slate from the rear of the structure and replace damaged slate with the old matching slate on most fronts. Using the new slates in hidden area's of the roof.

Preferred methods of slate roof repairs:





Now that you have noticed that your Slate roof is leaking. We suggest a full roofing inspection to document the condition of the roof for not only insurance purposes but for maintenance schedules. Maintaining your Slate roof versus replacement keeps longevity costs to its lowest costs. Slate roofs are supposed to last hundreds of years. The problems we see in Dallas is poor workmanship using standard galvanized nails and aluminum flashings. Copper is the preferred method of installation and will insure many years of successful leak proof slate roof system. Do not think that just because the bid is the cheapest that your expensive roof was installed properly. 

Broken, cracked, and missing slates are repaired in order to prevent water damage to interior finishes, accelerated deterioration of the slate roof and roof sheathing, and possible structural problems.

This is our process for proper slate repair of your roof.  The damaged slate is first removed by cutting or pulling out its nails with a slate ripper.  A new slate, or salvaged slate, which will match the size, shape, texture, and weathered color of the old slate as close as possible, is then slid into place and held in position by one nail inserted through the vertical joint between the slates in the course above and approximately one inch below the tail of the slate two courses above.

To prevent water penetration through the newly created nail hole, a piece of copper with a friction fit, called a copper bib, is slid lengthwise under the joint between the two slates located directly above the new slate and over the nail.  The application of roofing mastic, sealants or metal straps that are bent over the tail end of the damaged slates should not be considered a viable slate repair alternative because these materials, though effective at first, will eventually harden, crack or fail, allowing water to enter.

Slate repair is the best option for localized problems and damaged slate roofs with reasonably long serviceable lives remaining. If 40% or more of the slates on a roof or roof slope are broken, cracked, missing, or sliding out of position, it is usually less expensive to replace the roof than to execute individual slate repairs but we still can salvage some of the slates and save on the cost of materials.  When salvaging slates, each must be sounded (tapped with a hammer) to discover cracks, faults and the degree to which it has weathered. It is usually wise to salvage slates when only a portion of the roof is to be replaced. The salvaged slates may be used for future slate repairs to the remaining sections of the roof.  Historic slate roofs should be repaired rather than replaced whenever possible.  Before replacing a slate roof, we check for isolated damage, corroded and worn flashings, leaky gutters, poor ventilation in the attic, and other possible sources of moisture.













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